I'm a designer & entrepreneur

I am currently focused on Virtual Reality at Google where I am a designer. Previously I co-founded the award winning design firm Playground, the innovative financial startup, Big Terminal and the AR game company Swappz. I've also been design director at TWG, and a product advisor to some great companies. Below is a selection of my most memorable and successful projects.


Google Daydream

Design lead @Google, 2016 - 2017

I joined Google to work on VR and the first product I contributed to was Daydream. I was a design lead on the core Daydream experience along with several launch applications. I'm really proud of the work we did on Daydream and it continues to be a great product today. 

Daydream Environments
Design lead @Google, 2016 - 2017

I developed the guidelines and design principles for VR envrionments at Google. As a part of this project I lead design for our first round of envrionments in Daydreams launch applications. I also gave a presentation at Google I/O for 3rd party developers. 

Daydream Avatars
Design lead & Project founder @Google, - 2017

I believe strongly in the future of social VR and AR and I pushed to make it a focus for Daydream. I started this project to explore what makes a good VR avatar and built a powerful and fun design system. The avatars have launched as part of a co-watching experiment within YouTube and select 3rd party applications like Plex. As this was the first major 3D content project for Daydream, I was responsible for building daydreams Visual Arts department. This included creating the hiring procedures and benchmarks along with being the hiring manager for the first 20 artists. 

Play Movies VR
Design lead @Google- 2016

I was the lead designer on the the Play Movies VR application. This app let users buy and watch feature length movies and TV shows. A particular challenge with this design was ergonomics and making long VR sessions comfortable. 

Daydream Store
Design lead - 2016

I was the lead designer on the Daydream store application. Like all my VR/AR projects, I would prototype directly in Unity and work with developers to transfer the designs to our proprietary engine. The store was one of our most information dense VR applications and we had to learn a lot of lessons about building presenting data on devices where reading was difficult. 


Product Advisor & Designer - 2015

I've been a passionate advocate for cryptocurrency since 2011. Since then, I've become fascinated about the future of finance. These are just some of the reasons why I'm excited to help Mirror with its innovative financial platform and ecosystem. I'm currently leading product design, and try to ensure the future of finance is accessible to every individual. 

Big Terminal Reader

Partner & Product Designer - 2015

This is Big Terminal's sophomore product. It's being designed to help financial professionals read and organize the news that moves in markets. I've been tasked to be the head on product design, as we develop the early version of the company's product.

Lowest Rates

Product Advisor & Designer - 2015

Lowest Rates is great at driving traffic to its site. I've come onboard to help them retain, convert and ultimately, help customers love their product. We've been working to reinvent the brand, figure out content strategy and layouts. We're trying to create the topnotch destination to search for the lowest rates in any given category. This new version of the site will launch in mid-2015. 


Experimental design @TWG - 2015

While working on a smart watch presentation for FITC, I decided to get meta and create an experimental watch app for the conference to feature in my talk. This FITC watch app concept featured prominently, as I taught the audience about designing for Smart Watches.

Tim Hortons & Google

Experimental design @TWG - 2015

We were approached by Google Canada to collaborate on an exciting vision for the future of restaurant ordering. Together with Tim Hortons, we created an amazing prototype for this Pre-Order application. Users can order and pay in advance and pick up their food in store with no lines. Users can also make voice orders or save their preferences for automatic ordering. 

Big Terminal 

Partner & Product Designer - 2014

The first product I build after joining Big Terminal was this financial research and dashboard. Our aim was to create an in browser, fully featured financial tool that had the user experience of a modern web application. Thousands of people a month are using this early version and we are excited about where we can take this technology in future versions. 


Experimental design @TWG - 2014

CIBC approached us about exploring how they could combine several of their apps into one cohesive experience. Additionally they wanted to streamline the application, so users could get the information they wanted faster. I created a simple prototype along with several vinyettes of possible futures for mobile banking to present to their leadership. 

I Love Travel

Product Designer & Creative Director @TWG - 2015

I love working on tools with complex data or process requirements. It's the ultimate challenge as a designer to take a highly complex system and make it simple. I Love Travel asked us to help it reimagine the softwares that power their business. I helped research and design a prototype software that could enable their team to reach their full potential. 

MasterCard & Sensibill  

Spec Concept design @TWG - 2015

TWG mentors a great deal of the Toronto startup community, and Sensibill is among one the startups that we are most excited about. Sensibill approached us to help conceptualize their software, and how it could help MasterCard serve its customers better. 

Slide Decks

Keynote Design @TWG - 2015

I love giving talks and presentations. A big part of that for me is creating great slide decks. Over the last few months, I've had a lot of fun giving talks that I also share online. In order to improve my process, I've created a style guide and template that allows me to focus on content, while still ensuring a beautiful presentation.  

Rogers Home Town Hockey

Design Direction @TWG - 2014

I've had the pleasure to work with Rogers on many great projects. When Rogers won the NHL contract, I was excited to get an opportunity to build something for iconic brand. I helped lead product and creative direction on the Home Town hockey platform. This site was a huge hit across Canada and I'm excited to see it grows next year. 

Yellow Pages 

Product Design & Creative Director - 2014

Since creating Mapitat in 2012, I've been hooked on designing real estate technology. Based on my previous experience, I was hired to lead product design for Yellow Pages and its Renters Guide product. I put every idea I had been working on for several years into a big vision, something which I am excited to see is continuously becoming reality. 

Random House 

Product & Design Advisor - 2013

Our previous experience creating great online publications gave us the opportunity to help Random House reimagine its online identity. We helped refocus its brand around content curation and relationships with writers. A large part of the new site was an impressive magazine written by the worlds best authors. This is a great content destination and a great way to discover Random House books and authors. 

Magellan Vacations 

Product Designer & Creative Director - 2013

My partnership with Magellan was among the most memorable in my career. I worked closely with the founders over almost two years on everything from brand and identity to company strategy and process design. In the end we created a massive website that stands as one of the best destinations to find luxury hotels. 

FX Now 

Product Designer & Creative Director - 2013

We were approached by Rogers and FX network to create a premium on-demand video application. We created a universal iOS application that really set the bar for how motion design could be used within Rogers. 

The Grammys 

Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2014

One of the fastest projects from start to finish, the new Grammys website was a memorable experience. We helped design the platform and content strategy in record time and with great response from fans. 


Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2014

As one of the most recognizable and beloved brands in Canada, working for YTV was a labour of love. We created a very straight forward site, that was geared towards children, and was similar to YTV personality's own quirky personality. The new site is an extremely powerful tool, which houses thousands of games, videos, blogs and shows. Additionally, it has flexible and dynamic theming and advertising systems that make it a marketing powerhouse. 

Blog TO 

Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2013

BlogTO is one of Toronto's most widely read publications. So naturally, I was extremely excited to work on its site, that proved a challenging and fulfilling task. I helped guide the site to the finish line by unifying various design styles, which were developed during almost two years of design work. 

Swappz Interactive

Co-Creator, Advisor - 2013

Swappz was an unforgettable chapter of my life. I was hired to develop a concept for the future of toys. I quickly settled on an idea that paired action figures with mobile games through amazing 3D scanning and AR technology. I created and helped sell original game concepts to brands like, Nickelodeon, Sony Pictures and Hasbro. 

Playground Inc

Product Design, Creative Director - 2013

I put more love and time into Playground's website than any other. Despite the apparent simplicity of this site, I laboured for more than twelve months off and on, refining the concept. I'm very proud of the design, technology and content behind this site. More specifically, how the three play together. 

Lightning Platform 

Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2013

At the height of the social game craze, I was hired to help conceptualize and design a powerful game creation and management tool called Lighting. This tool would make it easier to create social games for any platform and had a unparalleled game management feature set. This is one of the largest products I have ever designed and it taught me a great deal about data systems.


Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2013

I've had the opportunity to work on numerous commerce sites. But, my experience at Suitly was an incredibly exciting one. Suitly's passionate founder wanted help with custom tailored suits. We designed and built a powerful custom system to enable a nearly limitless degree of customizability for each product, with an engaging customer experience. 

Canada Goose  

Product Design & Creative Director - 2013

Canada Goose jackets are nearly ubiquitous in my hometown of Toronto. Despite the extreme popularity of this premium brand, the product had almost no online presence. We were hired to create an online experience worthy of the company's brand; one that highlighted what made their products great and helped take the brand to other markets. I am always amazed at what we accomplished with Canada Goose, especially given that we worked under one of the strictest deadlines in my career. 


Founder & Product Designer - 2013

I've been a lifelong gamer. All along, I wanted to create something where my in-game accomplishments, from all platforms, could be aggregated. The idea was that I would track which games I had previously played, and which I wanted to in the future. I'd also be able to game reviews, and find my interests. 

Gamer Rep was my passion project. It still stands as one of the most advanced web applications that I've worked on. Despite the great technology, impressive database and excited users, we were unable to fully launch to market due to having busy day jobs that we couldn't abandon. As they say, c'est la vie.


Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2013

MatchFuel was the first native Android project I did. I worked to create a best in-class experience for discovering and playing mobile games. An ambitious service, MatchFuel hoped to create a subscription games service that would give the customer access to thousands of games, among other premium features.  


Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2013

This was the first financial product I ever worked on. Gold.net required a great deal of research to create. This ambitious web dashboard would eventually evolve into Big Terminal, the company where I ended up as a partner. 


Product Design, Creative Direction - 2012

Anyone trying to buy 3D models knows there are very few reliable and consistent sources. I was approached by an entrepreneur who wanted to create the most reputable destination to buy and sell 3D models. Together, we designed an amazing commerce experience, as well as, built powerful backend systems.

W Network 

Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2013

I worked closely with Corus Entertainment to create a vision for its popular W Network's brand presence online.  We created a content platform that both supported the TV channel, and built an online audience.


Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2013

Venio was one of the first startups Playground Inc. incubated. I helped them design the first version of their meal planning product and advise on the direction for the business. 


Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2012

This was the first YC-backed company I worked with. Even at that preliminary stage, it was clear Vidyard was going to succeed. With the help of the company's dynamic founding team, I worked on the first version of Vidyard. As well, I led product and interface design, and worked to establish the core features and roadmap.

Aisle 50 

Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2012

This was the second YC startup, which I had the opportunity to advise during the company's first product launch. I worked closely with the founders to create a brand, style guide and product direction. 


Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2012

I wanted a new way to search for rental properties, so I developed a concept called Mapitat. It was a powerful rental aggregation service, with a best in-class interface and extreme performance. The product became an instant hit in Toronto, bringing a lot of attention to my team.


Product Designer & Designer - 2012

I acted as a UX auditor for Avema. More specifically, I worked to create the company's telecommunications platform. We created a structure for Avema's products and several new revenue streams. This was the first complex data system I designed. This experience led to to specialize in this particular kind of design.  

Toronto Standard

Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2011

Toronto Standard was an important milestone in my career. It was the first responsive website I created. As well, it was the first responsive publication of its kind that that we could find anywhere in the world. The website helped set a precedent for new publications, and how all websites should operate.


Product Designer & Creative Direction - 2009

Teambuy was the first major product I built. Also, it was Playground's first serious client. Our tasks included UX design, branding and marketing. We worked at an incredible pace, and ended up being the first to market with this idea in Canada. TeamBuy quickly grew to become one of the largest commerce companies in the country.