A new kind of financial dashboard

When I was first asked by Big Terminal founder Adam Rabie to help him design this product I knew almost nothing about finance, economics or the tools used by professionals in those fields. After a crash course it was clear that with very few exceptions most graphing and data tools were out of date and lacked any real vision. I decided to join forces with Big Terminal to help create a new kind of tool, one based new kinds of data, accessibility, comparative tools and a great user experience.

More than just a prettier chart 

The core of the Big Terminal experience is the charting pages for symbols, currencies and metals. On this symbol chart page we incorporated social metrics and sentiment. Trending news and social comments. Key stats at a glance along with a simple company overview, competitive landscape and calendar of major events. All of this was done in a single page with less clutter and more focus than our competitors. 

It's the little things 

In order to keep the experience simple Big Terminal has a lot of little details and power user menus. Our search boxes are more helpful and contextual, our widgets are simple yet provide a great deal of depth. 

Global search

Our focus has always been user experience and our global search is a good example. Our signature sentiment data is combined with price and and symbols organized by type all within a predictive search engine.