Bringing banking up to date

I use my CIBC mobile banking app more than most on my phone, not because I think it's a great experience but because mobile banking is so powerful. It is for that reason that I was very excited when they asked me to provide some concepts for the future of their applications.  

Fast and focused 

The first thing I focused on was the ability to quickly check your balances without the need to login to access several menus. Once the app is opened the user can quickly see all their accounts and even dive in for a overview of the last 24 hours of activity.

Helpful stock information

Investors want the ability to manage their investor accounts like any other. I wanted to provide them with best in class tools for getting quotes and information on stock and other investments before buying or selling. 

Helpful Advice 

Our research discovered that customers don't believe their bank is very helpful or provides them with useful advice. I created in line advice alerts to help users understand what they could be doing to save more. 


CIBC currently uses a suite of several applications that separate mobile banking from investing and mobile payments. I worked to combine these into a single app while making the experience easier overall. 

Simple login

It might not seem like much but due to security constraints the login screen is something users have to interact with often. I wanted the experience to be as fast and easy as possible.