Long before I read about design, I knew I wanted to be a designer. But it was after reading several of these books, that I discovered what it meant to be a designer. Design is a continual source of inspiration, as it challenges me with its deep and all encompassing world. And, within that world, what I've learned is that if you set your mind to it, design can be a rewarding experience.



I've pushed to be a leader at every company I've ever been employed at. I've also worked hard to earn that position and the respect of my co-workers. In my experience, I've found management to be extremely rewarding due to its powerful impact on the lives of fellow colleagues, as well as, the success of the business. I love learning ways to improve company structures, and empower people to do their very best, while loving what they do.

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I'm a sucker for stories that focus on young teams of misfits who build great companies. Beyond that, I look for authors with strange, yet believable, viewpoints on how the world really works.

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I don't only read personal development books, I'm not that boring. Some of these choices may seem cliche, but they are favorites of mine, regardless. In case you haven't already figured it out, I'm a huge geek. And yes, I would love to discuss the history of Middle-earth with you, or my theories on how A Song of Ice and Fire will end.

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In another life I would have been a physicist, but in this life I just read about it a lot. I'm always looking for good books on computational neuroscience, as it pertains to understanding the brain and interesting AI theories. I also like to read about evolutionary biology, as well as, its proponents' thoughts on the significance of religion.

Got a great book recommendation for me? Let me know