Building a brand

Lowest Rates offers a powerful tool to compare and find the best rates on everything from auto insurance and mortgages to credit cards and travel insurance. The challenge is that this is a highly saturated market filled with poor sites and forgettable brands. Our goal for this project was to clearly set Lowest Rates apart with a trustworthy brand and set a new benchmark for experience within this industry. 

The core philosophy

Lowest Rates has a serious focus on SEO and as such has spent years creating valuable content about its various offerings. My goal was to help present that content in the most meaningful way possible without detracting from the primary use of the site, which is comparing rates. 

Context is king

More than just a focus on content I put a focus on context, ensuring that the right content was available when you needed it. We designed the pages to provide quick insights that allow users to better understand the rates and how to use the site effectively. We also put a great deal of care into selecting high quality images to hep bring the site to life. 

Fun forums

No one likes filling out long forums, but you can make it a lot better. I designed forums that were well organized, reduced data entry, had helpful contextual data, realtime error checking, progress tracking, and gave you insight to how your rate was being calculated. I also made the experience strongly branded to be a memorable part of the process. 

Fun with data

Lowest Rates has a mission to do more than just get you the best rate, it's to help you better understand these services. I used the considerable data they are collecting to help generate dynamic info graphics that provide users with greater insight.