Selling luxury online

Magellan Vacations is a leading online seller of luxury hotels. I worked on a design focused on increasing the businesses key metrics of conversion, repeat business and organic traffic. The new Magellan Vacations had a positive effect on all these metrics while increasing brand awareness and affinity. 

Luxury hotels

We created detailed hotel pages that had a premium feel while making it easy to learn everything you would want to know about the hotels and their rooms. We often heard from customers that our hotel pages were better than the hotel owners. 

Conversion focus 

One of the core goals was to increase conversion and with this site that meant phone calls. We created a concept where a sticky header with the phone number would follow you around the site. In addition we linked up with Magellan's sophisticated phone system to display the available agents name and face. This helped make the call less intimidating and by branding it as getting expert advice it reduced the fear of a high pressure sales call. 

End to end quality

Email is a big part of Magellan's sales process and business. We worked to ensure the process end to end with Magellan was a great one and that meant a focus on email as well. We wanted the quotes and reservation emails to be a clear and easy as possible while having a personality in line with the brand. In addition we wanted to help create repeat business by connecting you with your agent for future calls.