The real estate site we all want

Anyone who has gone online to either rent or buy a home knows how difficult it can be. Information is scattered and incomplete. The sites are difficult to use and out of date. The systems of sort, search and filtering do not work the way people want. I first tried to tackle this problem with a site called Mapitat several years ago and when I was contacted by Renters Guide I was excited to get back into it. 

Location, location, location & images

While I put a great deal of work into the map view and making it easy to narrow down your choices by location I also discovered that most users want to browse by photos. Renters Guide provides simple viewing modes to toggle between the map and list view so you can easily explore the way you want. 

Sort & filter

We wanted it to be easy to find the best place for you so we created a robust set of filtering tools around everything you could want and organized them logically 

Quick View

You know in a second if a place looks interesting. I designed a quick view to make it easy to check a place out before going to its listing page. This allowed users to spend more time on places that were right for them. 

Find your unicorn 

Why can't a real estate site show me the top 5 listings that match my needs? That was the question that lead me to design this tool. Simply answer your dynamic question forum and we can show you the best places in the city for you. 


One of the most disappointed experiences is when you finally find the perfect place but it is already taken. The average time between listing and rental of a condo in Toronto is less than 2 days. I designed a simple email alert system so that any new listing that matched your critera would be email to you. Letting you reach out imeitaly. 

Everything you want to know

I designed the property pages to be the ultimate destination for everything a user would want to know. This version allows a condo developer to upload images and video, interactive floor plans, building and unity amenities, neighbourhood info and comparisons to similar units.  

Know the neighbourhood

There is so much more to picking a home than just the house or condo. The neighbourhood you live in has a huge impact. Renters Guide was designed from the ground up to tell neighbourhood stories and include rich data to help buyers understand the lifestyle, pricing and benefits of a neighbourhood.