The near future of fast food

If you have ever been to a Tim Hortons or any restaurant with the same cult following you know the lineups can get very long. We partnered with Tim Hortons and Google to imagine what a personalized pre-order application could looks like. 

Speed is everything

While it would be fun to make an order in advance and skip the line to pick it up, users will only continue this behaviour if it saves time. It is easy to see how making an in app order can take a lot long than just asking for a "medium double double". We knew that making an order would have to be fast if users were going to adopt it. 


Your Favorites 

The first screen you see is a list of your favorite items. Simply tap on one and it adds to cart without the need to change any of its options. Make a complex order in just seconds. 

Smart Defaults 

Throughout the app we remember and use your preferences to make things faster. This item customize screen starts off by using your settings from the last similar item. 

Recent Orders

Perhaps the fastest way to make an order is to one tap replicate a recent order. More powerful than that users can set a default order to be auto placed if you enter a Tim Hortons within a time window. No need to even open the app. 

Simple Cart

The cart makes it quick to either checkout or add another item ensuring that the flow stays fast from beginning to end. 

Smart Location

The location is auto set based on a combination of the nearest store with your favorites, of course you can always change. 

Voice Ordering

Perhaps one of the most interesting features we created was the ability to simply state you order like you would at a Tim's location. This not only made use of a customers existing knowledge of how to order but was the fastest way to place any complex order.