Creating an online brand from TV

Corus Entertainment wanted to take their popular TV network and create a web content destination for it. More than just an online magazine they wanted a way for the articles to promote the various TV programs, which remains they main business. We were tasked with creating a great responsive reading experience while helping readers discover W Network shows and movies. 

Articles & shows 

We designed the articles pages to have many layout options to keep the experience fresh and engaging. An important element of each article was its show tie in feature. This dynamically promoted a show that had similar content to the article and the next air time. The user could then discover that show through our show hub. This area of the site would have full episodes and clips along with episode guides and cast information. You could also dicover articles that had similar content to these shows. 


Mobile at its core 

This site was going to be the first responsive platform in the entire Corus network. We wanted it to set a high standard that could be used across all other brands. We designed the site to be mobile first and ensured all of our best ideas worked across all platforms. 

Image based discovery

Analytics and user research from other Corus properties gave the insight that this site should lead with images over headlines. We designed a main page that focused on large format beautiful images. 


Like many other online magazines, the primary business model is advertising. We worked to establish new standards around more valuable ad units and placements. It was critical to us that these ads have prominence without taking away from the experience. Additionally we worked to create a detailed responsive package of ads that worked across all platforms.